Our credentials

Our team has successfully delivered turnarounds projects in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Kenya. Below you will find a non-exhaustive list of projects completed over the last years.

What others say

"When confronting challenges within a portfolio company, the involvement of MSA Partners ensures a clear understanding of the underlying issues impacting the business and guarantees confidence in their resolution. Their seamless interaction with both management and the financial sponsor establishes a cohesive and effective partnership."

Sergei Spiridonov

Co-Head of European Operating Team, Strategic Value Partners

"MSA Partners worked tirelessly as the interim CFO to help deliver the transformation plan in the UK Flowers business as well as leading the refinancing of the business. His contribution to the business during the last year have been critical in safeguarding our future and the impact he has had will be felt for many years to come." 

Olivia Streatfeild

Chief Executive Officer, Flamingo Group International

"MSA Partners played a crucial role in providing clarity regarding the business's financials, a pivotal factor in the early stages of the turnaround of our company. Their hands-on approach delved into intricate details, showcasing a pragmatic problem-solving methodology."

Jakob A. Mosser

Executive Chairman, Coveris Group

"MSA Partners offer the essential operational, financial, and situational expertise necessary to navigate businesses through challenging times. Coupled with a determined 'get it done' attitude, these capabilities present a distinctive proposition for management teams and private equity investors seeking turnaround expertise."

Markus Nagel

Group CFO and Operating Partner, Sun Capital Partners

"MSA Partners engaged in a genuine partnership with us, demonstrating high standards of professionalism by taking ownership of the problem and offering solutions during a critical period that impacted our business. Their involvement significantly bolsters the management team's expertise in navigating complex situations."

Bill Showalter

Group CFO, Flamingo Group International

"MSA Partners were based in our office for more than four months and worked with me and the wider management team to support stabilizing the company liquidity and operations following a significant decline in sales. The immediate access to their situational expertise was invaluable throughout the process."

Jose Ignacio Gutierrez

Group CFO, Famosa

Non-exhaustive list of projects

  • As the Interim Group CFO of a globally vertically integrated horticulture group headquartered in the UK, I managed operations in the UK, Europe, and Africa, and refinanced the business (€700 million in sales, €70 million EBITDA, €300 million debt, 22,000 employees).


  • Developed the turnaround plan and the Turnaround Management Office (TMO) of an underperforming business unit based in the UK within a vertically integrated horticulture group (€360 million in sales, €-5 million EBITDA run rate).


  • Acted as Interim CFO & Executive Director in the turnaround of a global apparel group based in the Netherlands (€350 million in sales, €40 million EBITDA, €120 million debt).


  • Spearheaded the turnaround management and financial restatement efforts at a door manufacturer based in Northern Ireland (€50 million in sales, €10 million EBITDA).


  • Provided hands-on support to the largest developer of low-income housing in Mexico, involving business plan preparation, implementation of new cash management procedures, liquidity management, and operational realignment as part of a complex balance sheet restructuring (€4 billion in sales, <0 EBITDA, €1 billion debt, +100 active construction projects).


  • Advised a major public airline group on balance sheet restructuring and capital allocation, as part of a new strategic plan with a focus on TSR, (€8 billion in sales, <0 EBITDA, €15 billion debt).


  • Consulted with a chemicals group headquartered in Austria to enhance liquidity management and improve financial processes (€170 million in sales, €30 million EBITDA).


  • Managed the plant shutdown in Spain for a Tier-1 automotive multinational group (+350 employees).


  • Advised a leading automotive group in Spain on exit alternatives for an underperforming subsidiary, ultimately overseeing the wind-down process (+260 employees).


  • Conducted a quick quality of earnings analysis, implemented new financial processes, redefined cost allocation and profitability analysis, and prepared carved-out financials for a business unit within a global packaging group headquartered in Austria (€800 million in sales, €42 million EBITDA, +20 manufacturing sites).


  • Executed debt restructuring for a steel group headquartered in Spain (€4 billion in sales, €0.2 billion EBITDA, €2.5 billion debt).


  • Implemented debt restructuring for an equipment rental public company based in Spain (€200 million in sales, <0 EBITDA, €500 million debt).


  • Developed the turnaround plan and roadmap for a leading media group in Portugal (€140 million in sales, €6 million EBITDA; €100 million debt).


  • Diagnosed and prepared an implementation roadmap for transforming the finance function of a major public Tier-1 automotive group headquartered in Spain (€7.5 billion in sales, €0.8 billion EBITDA, +100 manufacturing sites).


  • Advised a toy manufacturer based in Spain undergoing a turnaround, focusing on liquidity management, quick wins implementation, and advisor relationship management in dealings with lenders (€150 million in sales, €0 EBITDA).

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